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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Acupuncture needles are tiny (about three strands of hair). Many people won't feel the needle at all, while others may feel a small pinch as the needle moves through the top layers of skin. 

Who can get acupuncture?

Everyone. Acupuncture modalities can be altered for each individual, we use acupuncture on children of all ages.  Often times when children are under 7 years old, or scared it will hurt, we will use other techniques to stimulate the Qi.

Is it safe?

Yes. The needles used are single use, sterile needles and are safely discarded after each treatment. Your acupuncturist will take a thorough health history to ensure your treatment will be safe for you. Things that are important to tell your acupuncturist include pregnancy, pacemakers, heart conditions and blood thinning medications.

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