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Smart Sauna

Infrared Therapy uses long wavelengths to penetrate deep into the body. The warming sensation relaxes the muscles while enhancing cell regeneration. Red light therapy was originally used by NASA to heal wounds on astronauts, they found that the red light increased the energy in the mitochondria of cells. This boosts the cells to work harder, or "recharges your batteries". The Sunlighten Smart Sauna incorporates both of these into one with programmed treatment protocols for Anti-Aging, Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Relaxation and Detoxification. In under 30 minutes you can improve your sleep quality, sweat out toxins, boost the immune system, increase metabolism and burn fat, experience a state of bliss in stress reduction, improve your heart and joint health, repair muscles faster and reverse aging by renewing your skin cells.

Woman in a Sauna
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